I am a girl, a chicksinger, a wife, a sister, a friend. I am a mom and a blogger, a facebooker and a tweeter. I am always some of these and sometimes all of these. I adore shoes and purses, Apple computers and my iPhone, Mac make up, positive thinking, searching for new songs to sing and delicious and delectable things to eat and drink! My husband and my son are shining examples of what I have done well in my life and the love that exists in this Universe. My music and writing are what I must do in order to feel whole and complete. YOU are why I do it! Book Karen Michaels and the Special K Project for your wedding, corporate event, cabaret venue, lounge, more!

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Hello from your Las Vegas Chicksinger and Wine and Dine Gal!

My name is Karen Michaels, and I am thrilled to be your Chicksinger and Wine and Dine Gal! I will be combining my knowledge of entertainment, food and restaurant experiences and will be writing about my adventures for you in the days to come.

I am so fortunate to have lots of fabulously talented friends and I will keep you informed of all the awesome live music I know about that is available in our  town. And, there is a ton of it! I think you will be in for a pleasant surprise! And, not just on The Strip, but all over!

I am also studying to be a Sommelier and LOVE going out to find new and exciting wines and coming across those gems that are tried and true and won’t break the bank.

As a Mommy to the Little Man and Wife to the Big Man, every dollar we spend must have true inherent value. I will help you find wine deals that you won’t believe! I will help you with fantastic family fun times and delightful date night ideas.

If you ever have a wine question or need some advice on where to go, or what to do, drop me a line! I’d be glad to help you out!

I look forward to sharing with you, learning from you and getting to know you!

Now, Friday,  if you need something to do in the afternoon check out the oh-so-talented Michelle Johnson appearing at the Gold Coast Showroom 2pm-5pm.

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  1. Jennifer Vigiletti 03/05/2011 at 2:03 am

    Looking forward to finding out about your fav wines! Glad to have you as my personal sommolier! Best to you Karen!