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Join your local or online Mommy group!

Who has the time to be a part of a Mommy group?!  They just hang around drinking Chardonnay, playing tennis or golf, while the full time, live-in nanny watches the kid anyway. Right? Totally, wrong!

The first Mommy group I joined is online and is actually a private group on facebook. It is made up of over 100 women, from all over the world! Since it is a private group, everyone can vent or cry or talk about things  and not worry about being judged. Let me tell you, these ladies have taught me so much! Everything is discussed, from pregnancy issues, husband and wife and in-law issues, child discipline, etc. Today, an article was posted about child safety in the car and almost all of us read it and commented! What a fabulous way to learn!

Last Spring, I joined my neighborhood Mom’s Club. At first, I was a bit concerned about how it would all work out with my work schedule and attending events and meetings.  It took me a couple of days to realize, that I can just show up to the ones I want to/have time to and that’s it!  Not only that, we have found lost dogs, are the first to hear about homes sales and get recommendations on a handyman, great restaurants for date night, and even a list of babysitters!  My fave thing that we do is called Meals for Moms. Whoever has the time or inclination, takes a turn and brings a meal over to the new Mommy, so she and her family can concentrate on their newborn!  It felt so wonderful to bring in her fave take-out from Applebees! We had a lovely conversation and a new friendship was born.

Our group was founded in 2010 by Kelly Lawson and Kim McCullough when they wanted to build a foundation of community and friends by planning out trips to the parks and playdates, etc. Now just shy of 2 years later, the ladies plan not only fun events, (here is a picture of  the Big Man and the Little Man playing a game at our Labor Day event, trust me, it was hilarious!)

but community garage sales, the above mentioned Meals for Moms, toy and kid clothing swaps and best of all, some great charity work for kids and families in need.  Now, we are some 60 strong!  These ladies are educated, friendly, loving and best of all just great Moms.
I highly recommend that you join your local Mom’s Club and get yourself Out and About!

Benjamin Franklin pointed out that, “The U.S. Constitution doesn’t guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up to it yourself.”

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