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Mother’s Day and The Container Store Las Vegas!

our family pic for 2012!

Mother’s Day.  I am so grateful to be included in this most lovely of days.  Becoming a Mom has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  Truly, I didn’t realize the enormity of the love available in my heart until our Little Man became a part of our lives.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

Being a Mother is an adventure in life that is sometimes joyous, sometimes tiring and always enlightening!  I am constantly reminded  by my sweet and oh-so-spunky Little Man that sometimes it’s just the little things that are most important! Finding a lady bug with only 1 spot on her has been the topic of conversation for several days.  Hanging out on the couch reading through one of his dinosaur books on my iPad ( we love the I Can Read Level 1 books! check them out! they read out loud to you and highlight the word and many more cool things!) or watching Disney’s new Doc McStuffins ( I LOVE this show!) life with the Little Man is a never-ending lesson in patience, humility and love.

Mother’s Day, as the daughter of a Mom whose  residence is of a heavenly realm is bittersweet.  The ever-present ache in my heart is always heightened around this time as I reminisce the happy memories of childhood and beyond.  I was so fortunate to have the closest of relationships with my Mother and there are moments when I feel that I will burst inside from the sadness of missing her.  I aspire to be the Mom that she was to my sister, brother and I and quite frankly to many of my friends.  If I even get close, I will be doing a damn good job.

My Mom when she was 19! So glam!


My Mother’s housekeeping and organizing skills were legendary amongst  my friends.  You could show up unexpectedly and find a home so neat and tidy and clean and be served a refreshing glass of iced tea and probably a treat or two! Now, I, on the other hand, will likely be able to offer you a glass of Chardonnay, maybe some potato chips, as I am frantically glancing around to see just how bad things look!  LOL! But, good fortune is about to shine down on me!

The Container Store is opening a brand new location in Las Vegas!!! And, yours truly is going to the grand opening event!  I’ll be tweeting from the luncheon and VIP evening event and keeping you abreast of all things Container Store! From their fabulous elfa storage system  to clever shelving ideas, cute boxes to store everything from important papers to scrapbooking, keeping that office organized and more! Is it true that Karen Michaels, Chicksinger, just might become the organized diva she dreams of being?!?! Stay tuned! I’ll be devoting an entire post to the opening weekend.  And, as if it couldn’t get any better, The Container Store will be donating 10% of the grand opening weekend sales to the Junior League of Las Vegas! Come on out, Las Vegas! See you there!

Benjamin Franklin pointed out that, “The U.S. Constitution doesn’t guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up to it yourself.”

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