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Pamper yourself more! Back to school week for Las Vegas!



back to school, kindergarten, pamper yourself, chicksingerSo it’s official. This Chicksinger will be the one crying on the first day of school.

My sweet Little Man will head into Junior Kindergarten and it’s 5 days a week! As a Mommy who works at night, this is going to feel like separation torture.  Here he is with his first day of school sign. It’s a tradition I hope to keep each year of school.

back to school, local, chicksinger, pamper yourself

Now, I know I may be a bit dramatic (WHO ME?!?!) but I’d love to hear how all of you deal with this! Personally, I am going to throw myself into doing all those projects and self-improvements I think about and get a move on, girl! Organize, exercise, pampering…

Yes! One thing I am definitely going to do, is pamper myself more. Pampering has many meanings, but for me, it means doing things which make me feel A) better and B) younger C) fabulous! Are you with me?!

Let’s start with one of my fave places to go and feel fabulous about my face and skin! Walk, don’t run, to see Veralynn at Skinbar in Henderson. She does this amazing treatment called Dermaplaning. I cannot have a micro-dermabrasion treatment as it is too rough for my skin and I hate peels. What to do….this is where Veralynn comes in! The treatment is easy, and the only downtime is that you can’t exercise or wear make up for 4 hours. Her room is lovely and comforting and her touch is bliss. Dermaplaning is one of the secrets of Hollywood and models alike.  In simple terms, she “scrapes” your face with a scalpel. Yup, you heard me! A scalpel. Now, before you get all crazy, there is NO pain and no redness. It’s the perfect treatment! It removes the hair on your face and gives you a fresh glow that simply can’t be beat.

pamper yourself, local, chicksinger

pamper yourself, local, chicksinger










So, if you are having the back-to-school-blues, or if you just need a jumpstart to your skincare routine, simply give Veralynn a call (or a text, she’s fab at getting back to you!) and enjoy a sweet moment of spa wonderfulness! You can reach Veralynn at 702-762-2088. Tell her Karen sent you and she’ll give you VIP treatment. I did not receive any payment or treatments for this post. 😉

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Benjamin Franklin pointed out that, “The U.S. Constitution doesn’t guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up to it yourself.”

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