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7 Things To Do With Kids In Las Vegas!

There are so many wonderful things to do with kids in Las Vegas! I’m going to highlight just a few of them, but it really has become quite a family friendly town.

Adventure Dome at Circus Circus – we have been here several times and it is our very own mini theme park! They have some great little kid and big kid rides and lots of fun games. The big news is that they are debuting a fabulous new coaster called the El Loco and you can find out more here! Can’t wait!

#nevadamama; Things to Do Las Vegas #nevadamama #kidfriendlylasvegas

Next up  is the adorable Popovich Comedy Pet Show! My Mommy Club attended this as a group with our kids and we loved it! How he gets cats and geese (yes, geese!) to do tricks is beyond me! Get there a little early and when you are seated, one of his assistants walks around with a cat sitting on his shoulder, and you can pet him. Purrrrrfect for kids in Las Vegas!

#nevadamama; Things to Do Las Vegas #nevadamama #kidfriendlylasvegas


Another Mommy Club field trip was to the Lion Habitat Ranch.  This is fabulous for kids in Las Vegas to do! You actually get pretty darn close to these lovely creatures and watch them play and snack and nap as families. We even got to see them bathe the lions! One of them loved it and the other was NOT in the mood and let everyone know! The kids were positively enthralled and the assistants and trainers were happy to answer all the questions we had. One of my fave trips we have done.

#nevadamama; Things to Do Las Vegas #nevadamama #kidfriendlylasvegas

Now I know Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and that of course, means 6 more weeks of winter. That being said, we can’t WAIT for WetNWild to open for the Spring! Check all the cool extras they have and group sales and parties, too.

#nevadamama; Things to Do Las Vegas #nevadamama #kidfriendlylasvegas

Who says there’s no culture in Las Vegas?! Discovery Children’s Museum, now located at our beautiful Smith Center for Performing Arts is full of fun and education! You can even buy a season pass, so if you are a local or you return to our fair city again and again, that might be just the right choice for you!

#nevadamama; Things to Do Las Vegas #nevadamama #kidfriendlylasvegas

Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay is yet another museum-like attraction with both fun and education in mind. The animals range from sharks and stingrays to  crocodiles and Komodo dragons. I have to mention, if you are staying at Mandalay Bay, their pool area is on the TOP of our list of pools to enjoy. The wave pool and lazy river are off-the-charts! Last time we were there we stayed at the pool for 7 hours and STILL had to drag the kids out! Dream of our warm, sunny locale all you who are up to our eyeballs in snow and then make plans to come see us!

#nevadamama; Things to Do Las Vegas #nevadamama


I have saved my personal favorite for last…and that is Kids Play Cafe in Henderson. Mommy owned and run, Kids Play Cafe is always clean and bright with lots of fun activities. We have been several times for parties or off school days and the weekends. They serve yummy REAL and FRESH food while your kids play just feet away. We are always looking for a reason to visit! We just love it and you know it’s good when the Little Man asks “when are going”? 😉

#nevadamama; Things to Do Las Vegas #nevadamama #kidfriendlylasvegas

Just a few of the fabulous things for kids to do in Las Vegas! Let’s try to make the best of the next 6 weeks of winter and we can’t wait to see you here in fabulous Las Vegas!

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